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Instruction Manual for Kids: Choosing Your Battles (part 3)

A Black Eye For Bob

Being a red-head I have the blessing, skill, talent,  curse of being opinionated.  I am fully aware of this “ability” I posses, and tread through life cautiously.  Wouldn’t life go much smoother if everyone would do what you were thinking?!?!!!!… Read the rest

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An Instruction Manual for Kids: Monkey See, Monkey Do



Post by guest blogger, Rusty Rea


I remember when Kelsi and I took a birthing class at our local hospital when we were expecting our now 6 year old, Madaleine.  The class was actually very helpful, and gave me a brief overview of how our lives would change once we had a child (Kelsi was all about reading books about pregnancy, birth, and parenting – me, well… Let’s just say, I’m a guy…so, yes.… Read the rest

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Instruction Manual for Kids: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Guest post by the red-headed hubby, Rusty Rea

I love stories of great leaders, I think most people do.  The ability to navigate past circumstance and draw the best out of people is a rare trait.  When we hear the exploits of mere men making incredible decisions our hearts swell with pride at such valor and selflessness, and we hope that at some level we, too, contain a modest measure of excellence.… Read the rest

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