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Living Naturally: “I love my food and my counter space” or, “The day the microwave went to live in the shed”

Patience is NOT something that I excel in.  I HATE surprises because I can’t WAIT to find out what they are.  I am the worst offender when it comes to needing to see the ‘immediate results’ and wanting things quickly…so choosing to live ‘simply’ and to cook whole foods, use natural remedies, and be content with little is a stretch for me…

That being said, I don’t know if that means I’m the best person to write this post or not!… Read the rest

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Recipe Organization For Visual Learners

I have to see everything, and if I don’t I totally forget about it.  Like my laundry.  Hidden upstairs in our bathroom/laundry room/bedroom.  It’s easy to forget about until the hubby needs socks for work at 5am. fail.

So I’ve embraced my need for visual cues and decided to arrange my favorite  recipes accordingly.  … Read the rest

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Living Naturally: If I can’t afford organic, where do I start? (part 3)


OK – I promise that this will be the last installment of this particular topic, but as I sat down to write today’s post, this was the most fitting conclusion to part 1 and part 2!

In the first two articles, we looked at HOW and WHY to buy organic foods, as well as where you could cut corners and get the biggest nutritional bang for your buck!  … Read the rest

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