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Quinoa: Ancient Superfood + 15 Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa: Ancient Superfood - 15 quinoa recipes :: Vintage Kids modern World


We’re delving into the world of gluten free around my house lately, in hopes to solves some intestinal issues with our little girl.  Truth be told, I think our entire family has, at the very least, some wheat sensitivities.  … Read the rest

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Living Naturally :: Customize Your Peanut Butter!


We had peanut butter for lunch last Thursday.  No jelly.  No bread.  Just peanut butter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was raised on pb&j – the All-American Comfort Food.  However, on Thursday, I needed to get to the grocery store, but it just wasn’t happenin’ and so I opened the fridge to see what I could scrounge up lovingly prepare for The Natives.  … Read the rest

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Cheesy Chicken Chimichangas and Meal Planning (when you have A.D.D.)

It’s no secret.  I realized at about 27 years old that I had Attention Deficit Disorder (no joke!  and I know many of you wondered why I didn’t know this about myself, but I thought *everyone* was like this!).  And it was SUCH a relief to find out that THAT was the reason I loved making lists….and then deviating from them when I thought of something better.… Read the rest

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