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Swamp Soup

Let’s get one thing out of the way.

Don’t make this soup for company.

Just don’t.  This is like one of those family secrets that you just want to keep between you and the relatives, because, of course you’d never eat anything that looks like, well, like this…

Our family calls it swamp soup because, 1.) It looks like swamp water.… Read the rest

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Why I Don’t Cut Coupons + A Peek Inside My Pantry


Why I Don't Cut Coupons (and a peek inside my pantry) :: Vintage Kids || Modern World Blog


A little over a month ago, I received confirmation that Vintage Kids:Modern World was chosen as an online venue to host a review of Money Saving Mom Crystal Paine’s new audio book Money Saving Mom’s Budget.  I let them know that we were a family-oriented blog that encouraged parents to get back to the basics of frugality and simplicity, and, just as importantly, to start eating whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods.… Read the rest

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