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Instruction Manual for Kids: Parenting Nuggets


Over the past two months that Vintage Kids has been up and running we have taken parenting to task, and really hit hard the reality that YOU are the parent.  For those of you new to CBB here are some of the articles (Parenting in the Check Out Lane, Rock Their World, Secret Handshake, Center of The Universe, Big Red Hairy Monster, Discipline and Praise, An Instruction Manual for Kids).… Read the rest

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Tips for Managing a Large Family: An Interview with Lora of Vitafamiliae


I AM SO EXCITED to introduce you to Lora.  Lora is a mommy to 6 little munchkins (including one adorable little girl from Uganda), and she is VERY pregnant right now with #7! She blogs about their adventures as a large, homeschooling family over at her personal blog Vitafamiliae,  and you can also find her writing over at Simple Homeschool.Read the rest

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Discipline AND Praise; The Importance of Follow-Through

Have you ever noticed the kids who know how to play their parents?  A huge aspect of parenting which is missing in our culture is the idea of follow-through.  How many times do you have to tell you kids to stop misbehaving? … Read the rest

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