Our Adoption FAQs

Why did you choose an International Adoption?

Because God said.

Holy cow!  This is expensive!  Why on earth does an international adoption cost this much?

tell me about it…

Here is a rough (and approximate) breakdown of the costs that we are raising funds to cover:

U.S. Adoption Agency fee: $6,500
Ethiopian in-country adoption fee: $10,000
Home study: $1,500- $2,500
Dossier fees:  $750
Post-adoption reports: $900
Airfare: $8,000 (2 parents x 2 trips plus airfare for our son on the return trip)
Lodging in Ethiopia: $500 (x2 trips)
USCIS  + FBI fees: $900
Visas: $370

Why do you have to wait so long?

Our adoption will most likely cost around $25,000, so part of the time constraints have to do with raising the funds to bring our son home.  Aside from that, there are a limited amount of adoption cases processed by the Ethiopian Government each day, so the red tape and paper work contributes to the long wait time once our paper work is in the country.

Do you have a name picked out?

Nope, not yet.  However, just like when you’re pregnant, it’s nice to have something to refer to your child by other than “it” or “the baby”.  Once we decided that we wanted to adopt, automatically I started running through some of my favorite boy names, just for fun.  When it comes to choosing his real name, well, we’ll cross that bridge later and we’ll let you know what we decide.  However, as we were daydreaming about what to name him, Rusty said, “look up boy names that start with “Mac” – that’s the name I keep seeing in my head and hearing every time I think about him or pray for him.”

My immediate response was that, as sincere and deep as my 1980’s TV crush was, we weren’t naming our child MacGuyver.

He conceded.

However, I did look up names with the prefix ‘Mac’ and  – wait.  Let me back up.  Rusty’s family is Gaelic (there’s some contention over whether is was Ireland or Scotland, so if other family members are reading this, we need to set the story straight) Our last name is Rea, but originally it was “MacRea” and the “Mac” was dropped when they came over to the US. Rusty has fiery red hair and looks every bit Irish (or maybe it’s Scottish?)

So back to the baby names:  After doing a search, I realized that the prefix “Mac” simply means “son” in Gaelic languages.

We are completely aware that our Ethiopian son will bear no Gaelic heritage, but God was so gently and sweetly confirming to us that this was to be our son.  So, here on the blog we’ll be referring to him as “Mac” until we decide on his permanent name.

Just didn’t want you to think it was short for MacGuyver.