Homeschooling? Now? Really?

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Now that the school year is in full swing and Thanksgiving seems right around the corner, I’m finding myself having the same conversation over and over again; At the park, over coffee, and here on the blog and over on facebook.

Many of you, for various reasons, decided to send your kids to traditional school (public or private) this year.  Some of you are LOVING it and your kids are thriving.

But I’m starting to hear a lot of second thoughts, and as a homeschooler, well, of course you know where this is going…

Yes, you can still homeschool this year.  It’s not too late.

“I want to homeschool…but…”

Yes, there’s always a “but” – BUT – don’t let that stop you!!

We’re going to be revisiting many of our previous posts in our homeschooling series, “I want to homeschool, but…”  So, for now, if you’re new (or if you just want a refresher!) grab your coffee and check out some of our more popular homeschooling posts.

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What route did you choose for school this year?  I’d love to hear what your family decided and if you adore it or if you’re ready for a change!




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  1. I am home schooling my oldest two, the youngest isn’t old enough and to be honest the middle one isn’t either but she can’t stand it when she doesn’t get included on school work (which is funny because in most other things she doesn’t care either way).
    I’m using the Konos curriculum and taking a relaxed view on it. I didn’t want to direct a cows eye and my oldest is only in 1st grade so we skipped it. We are also doing Singapore math and I absolutely love it! I wish I was taught math this way. I can’t do any math beyond 3rd grade without a calculator and hate that about myself so I’m hoping that doing the lessons with my son will help me out too.
    Reading has been a troublesome subject, math us clearly more my son’s forte, but with the help of spelling words and constant attention to sight words and the practice of what different letters say we are progressing nicely. I am convinced that my son would not succeed in public school, he is a wiggly 5 year old… and needs constant attention, what public school could offer him that? We would be doing homeschooling while public schooling just to get his homework done and he would have no play time. I would much rather spend a morning with him learning together and then let him play and explore than to send him to school and have him come home for more school.
    It is going well for us. (Though we are moving again and that means he has a few weeks off and he is excited about that.)