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Spending our days wading/waiting

**Post by guest blogger Gretchen Kingsley**

I must admit. I’m not happy to be writing this blog post.

I’d rather be experiencing that deep pain but actually knowing my little one will SOON be here. But rather, I feel great. I think being overdue (and quickly becoming WAY overdue) is the only time when you’d rather not feel so great.

As the days have passed one after the other, I’ve lost much interest in being productive in any sense of the word. Making supper is the most productive thing that I do each day and even that’s a challenge. Each day, I wake up *hoping* that this will be the day that I won’t have to make supper. Let’s just say that we probably don’t want to relive the past week and a half in terms of food.

Nothing spectacular. Nothing spectacular at all.

I have taken advantage of spending these last several weeks (why do I think that since others have their babies early that I may too?) spending LOTS of quality time with my dear little Isa. Once “Little One” comes it will never again be just Isa and I. Life will never be the same. So, I’m taking full advantage of this time and not feeling guilty for not doing all those other things that I normally feel like I should to be doing.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures. My camera’s packed. And who really wants to stop to take pictures when you’re chasing your little one around?

We’ve spent our mornings:

  • With friends
  • At different parks around the city
  • On walks
  • Discovering the thrill of rocks and sticks
  • Having dance parties in the kitchen with Raffi
  • Swimming
  • Visiting all the farm animals at our local 4-H fair
  • Meeting new friends at the library

And our afternoons:

  • Playing in the sand box
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Walking to pick up Chris from work
  • Chasing our dog around the dining room table
  • Munching veggies straight out of the garden
  • Watching the Olympics (Anything with a ball gets the attention of my little one!)

We all have these times of waiting. It’s not always the same circumstances (waiting for a baby) but we all experience those times when the waiting seems to go on and on and on. It’s so easy to become frustrated during these times. And if you are anything like me, you’ll try to control the situation and take things into your own hands. Let me save you all the time and energy and tell you that it doesn’t work. You HAVE to wait. When it’s time, it will be time.

Learn to Simplify Your Waiting:

  • Prepare early. Do the things that NEED to be done first. This allows you to either enjoy your “leftover” time or do those things that aren’t necessary but you still want to do.
  • Don’t fight it. Again, when it’s time, it will happen.
  • Enjoy the time. It’s so easy to get caught up in how things will be in the future. We are future-driven people. Learn to live in the moment.
  • Give yourself grace. Do what needs to be done but if you can’t do everything that you normally do, let it go.


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  1. Good luck, and it won’t be long!


  2. Kim

    We are in a season of waiting also. Completely different reason, but your post is relevant. Thank you. Hugs! And take a picture to remember just how big you got (in a good way).

  3. We just had our 2nd little boy in November. He was delivered a week early due a prior c-section and the anticipation of him being a large baby due to my type 2 diabetes and the fact that his older brother had also been a large baby. That last week of waiting was excruciatingly LONG. I had done all my prep too, even to the point of having all my Christmas decor up and my cards ready to be mailed out. I had everything done by Halloween because my doc said that diabetics tend to deliver early…and he was talking about expecting that to be as much as 3 weeks. I did a ton of freezer cooking because I expected to be overwhelmed with his arrival. Thankfully I haven’t been, but I LOVE having all those “easy” meals ready to go. I developed a love for “batch” cooking and will continue to do it now that I understand the logistics 🙂 For years, I have made double batches of spaghetti sauce and frozen the extra. Now I try to keep mashed potatoes, cooked brown rice, cooked ground meat and uncooked meatloaves on hand in the freezer. I even blanched some diced potatoes and had them portioned up with ground meat for stew starter. I need to do that again, since it was super handy for an easy last minute supper. I also had the remaining ingredients separated and labeled in the pantry so that it was easy just to reach in and grab what I needed. I will also continue to do that in the future.

  4. Cheeky Bums

    Congrats on your son!!! How exciting! And I know what you mean – I was in the habit of batch cooking for awhile and it made things SO much easier…but then I used it all up and am trying to squeak out a few hours here and there to get some more freezer meals made – I miss having them!! I love the idea of having a stew-started ready – that’s definitely going on my list!! Thanks for stopping by!! – kelsi