Herbal Nurturing: Review and GIVEAWAY!
January 5, 2012 Health + Home Remedies
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Thanks for joining us for our FIRST review and giveaway!  I am taking a look at the book “Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing and Learning Guide” by Michele Augur who blogs over at Frugal Granola.

Herbal Nurturing from Frugal Granola

I purchased this book last spring, after a rough winter filled with coughing, sneezing, and headaches.  it was more than this (pregnant-at-the-time) momma could handle and I was exhausted!!  I searched all of my favorite blogs and websites for recipes and stumbled across Micheles blog.  I read through the summary of her e-book and bought it on the spot – and I’ve been hooked ever since! Michele has spent A LOT of time, compiling recipes, researching ingredients, and then combining all of that knowledge into this great e-book which is not only helpful, but written with children in mind!  She homeschools her little ones and so she has, at the end of each recipe, a section explaining ways to incorporate the making and/or use of the recipe into a lesson for little ones.  She found a way not only to educate ME on natural remedies – but my kids too! PERFECT!

There are several recipes that I’ve tried, including her sinus and sleep rub, which is a FANTASTIC alternative to Vicks Vaporub for kids.  The base of the mixture is a gentle, skin-safe oil, as opposed to the petro-base that you find in most over-the-counter options.  Plus, it is SO fast and easy to make! AND it’s CHEAPER.  yep. This little tub of homemade salve, which is about 4x the size of a tub of Children’s Vicks, cost me about $1.50!!!

(yes, the Mama’s milk tea does look like cut grass, but it’s actually quite yummy and easy to make in a french press!)

I’ve also tried her Mama’s Milk Tea and, although I’m not faithful in comsuming it, when I DO remember,  I can tell a huge difference, both in my energy levels and in my milk supply for my ravenous 9 month old little boy who weighs in at 25bs right now (yes.  I said 25lbs. told ya her tea worked.)

I am SO thankful that my family has been healthy this winter!!

It is fantastic for us….but it makes it hard to review a home remedy book if you don’t have guinea pigs to test it on!!! So, the most severe illness right now that needed remedying was my son’s diaper rash. (and no, there are no pictures.)(you’re welcome.) sooooo – you’ll have to take my word on it that her recipe for the Calendula Salve DID THE TRICK!  I have a great homemade diaper rash cream that I use, and although it was great for minor rashes (which he honestly doesn’t have often since we use cloth diapers), it wasn’t quite cutting it for his poor bum right now.  he’s teething.  as in: “I-got-7-teeth-in-2-weeks”-teething. (and he weighs 25lb. he’s an over-achiever.)

(calendula petals from our Farmer’s Market

his poor little bum was SO raw it hurt ME to change him…  I’d tried several other creams, baths and a variety of techniques to get his bum to heal, but this was it.  It’s SO simple and easy to make (and use), and the calendula petals in it are the perfect natural soother.

(melting coconut oil for the salve)

Plus, I opted to use coconut oil as the base (because it’s naturally anti-microbial) which makes it SO moisturizing, and lavender oil, which is not only a natural preservative, but also an anti-inflammatory.

You just simmer the petals in the oil…

…until you get those tiny bubbles.  Then just keep simmering, and after 2 hours, strain it out (I love my reusable coffee filter for this!)

(Michele’s recipe calls for bees wax pellets which make a fantastic anti-inflammatory and a great thick base, but I’ve also made it without, with great success!)

and there you go!

Thanks Michele for creating a recipe that saved my little man’s bum!! (we BOTH thank you! 🙂

I really appreciate the time and energy Michele spent in organizing this 44 page book!! It’s a PERFECT addition for any momma’s kitchen, er, medicine cabinet. She has a great selection of some of the more common illnesses/circumstances that you will deal with; everything from arthritis to pink eye to cough syrup, Women’s Monthly herbal tea, and recipes for sinus relief, toothaches, earaches, sunburns and the list goes on!!

Check out her blog page here for a sneak peak at the contents of her book!

(and her Calendula Salve Recipe that I tried!)

It’s very user friendly with a great table of contents and index in the back, as well as clear, easy to follow instructions!  And the best part is, as she mentions in her introduction, most of these recipes cost less than $5 to make!! 

And don’t be afraid of the ingredients!  She’s crafted it in such a way that if you have a hard time finding some of them, you can simply omit them.  In looking through the book, there are some ingredients that I’ve never heard of, but thankfully, if you order from here, it’s a cinch!  Plus, don’t be afraid of your local health food store or Farmer’s Market!  You might not know how to pronounce certain things, but they will – and I’ve been able to find everything locally so far!

So hands down, this is a GREAT book to have in your mommy-stash.  (My littles call it the “boo-boo-bible”!)


And now here is your chance to WIN A FREE COPY of Michele’s e-book!!!!

to enter, you MUST leave a comment below, telling us your favorite homemade remedy OR check out Michele’s blog and tell us a recipe from her book that you are most interested in trying!

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(and now for the disclaimer: just so y’all know, I purchased this book with my own hard earned cash and Michele graciously donated a copy to us to give away to a reader chosen at random. so if you head on over to her blog, please thank her!)

Ready, set…….GO!

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  1. Congrats on your first give-away, Cheeky Bum folk! Here’s a very simple and effective method for relieving headaches and sore muscles: peppermint oil. For an adult, I place a drop or two of peppermint essential oil on my fingers and massage it wherever it hurts…my temples, my out-of-place neck, the back of my head…wherever something aches. For kids, I use a drop of peppermint on one finger and a drop of extra virgin olive oil on a finger from the other hand mixed together to dilute the peppermint. It burns sort of like Icy Hot but in a very invigorating way:) That being said, keep it away from eyes!!! Also, for headaches, always try a glass or two of water first as most headaches are related to low fluid volume; the remainder of my headaches, however, are due to my dumb neck, and the peppermint oil kills two birds with one stone.

  2. The alternative to Vick’s vapor rub sounds intriguing! We use that often in the colder months. She also mentioned an immune booster syrup (that idea anyway), I would be interested investigating that further.

    You guys have a great site!

  3. I had a hard time pinpointing just one recipe to mention, but finally decided upon the herbal immune booster syrup. I have used herbs for over 25 years, and firmly believe a strong immune system is the key to overall good health. The book definitely looks like something every household should have in their collection!

  4. I love using just plain coconut oil for my daughters yeast rash. Amazing stuff! This would be so fun to start teaching my almost 3 year old to help me do 🙂

  5. I already like Frugal Granola on FB by the way 🙂

  6. and now I like you! (cheeky bums that is ;0 )

  7. I am using coconut oil more and more for my families skin-care needs. I mixed lavender and tea tree essential oil in with some coconut oil and use it after bathing.

  8. Yay Cheekybums!!! So I love the blog and thanks for the shout out to the frugalgranola site! I will be bookmarking that one for sure! So the question should be which one am I not interested in! I definitely would love to try her recipe for immune booster syrup since my immune system is compromised and the 3 in 1 healing balm looks good to keep on hand seeing as I have some rough little ones:)

    Thanks Emily for sharing the headache remedy, I may have to pick some pepp. oil up tomorrow:)


  9. Red hair = need “Natural sunburn relief.” “Itch-soother bath” also sounds more promising than hydrocortizone cream for poison ivy. I LOVE your blog and I’m guilty of reading it more than once a day…

  10. Let’s try it again. I began a blog post last night, but needed to add a link today! Find it at

  11. I want to try the natural remedy for PMS. I will definitely use the butt cream when I am blessed with another child.

  12. I want to try the chapped lip balm! I am an addict! 🙂

  13. and i like cheeky bums on facebook!

  14. One of my favorite home remedies is plantain leaves. They grow everywhere. Pick, crush or chew, and apply to cuts, scrapes, bugbites. Anti infective, soothing, reduces swelling. Known around world as nature’s bandaid.

  15. Emily we tried peppermint oil this weekend and it IS amazing! Thanks!

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