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Diaper Emergency Pack for Your Vehicle

My mind isn’t the clearest these days. Lack of sleep, the addition of another completely dependent little person, and starting a new job has left me rather foggy and forgetful. I realized how bad it was when on one family outing I forgot everything Isa related.… Read the rest

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BABY ON BOARD: Tips For Travelling Long Distances With Kids

Just this evening, Rusty and I were talking about our vacation plans…and although I am counting down the days, I still feel a small shiver of cold fear in the pit of my stomach when I think about a long car ride with 3 children.  Read the rest

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Countdown to Cheeky Bums Market! GIVEAWAY #1: Planetwise Small Wet Bags!




THIS IS IT!!!  We are only FOUR DAYS AWAY from opening Cheeky Bums Kids’ Market on Thursday, February 2, 2012 and we’re spreading the word and giving you some sneak peaks of what we are going to be selling!!… Read the rest

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