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Best Bottom Diapers Come to Cheeky Bums Market!

We are cloth diaper snobs.

Unashamedly and unreservedly.

And we’re really picky.

When Chris and Gretchen, and Rusty and I decided to open Cheeky Bums Market, we decided that we would only offer products that we ourselves would use or recommend to our friends!  … Read the rest

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Troubleshooting Cloth Diaper Problems + Recipe for Antibacterial Diaper Spray

Troubleshooting Cloth Diaper Problems (and a recipe for antibacterial cloth diaper spray) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

WARNING: This post contains words like “poop” and “pee”.

You can’t exactly talk about diaper issues without using those words, so you have been forewarned that this post pushes the G-rating to PG.

Now, over the last 5 years of cloth diapering, I have experimented with quite a few brands, detergents and methods.  … Read the rest

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