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Weekly Meal Plan + Snack Ideas: When Tough Love Meets Vegetables


I have a love/hate relationship with snack food.

I love it for obvious self-indulgent reasons, but I also detest spending money on “fluff”.  I have 3 little ones, two girls who are 6 and 4 and a little boy (who will be one in April!) who eat as though they are 18, 16 and 13, respectively.  … Read the rest

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Nutritious (FILLING) Snacks for the Hungry Ones in Your Life

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that I like to eat. I.LOVE.TO.EAT! (Have I said this in other posts?) This urge only increases when I’m expecting and so I’m always hungry and constantly walking to the kitchen in search of something to eat.… Read the rest

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