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Simplicity Can Be Very Time Consuming

Simplicity Can Be Very Time Consuming


Today, I went outside in the frigid spring air to hang some clothes on our line, and I almost stepped on a rabbit.  I really have no clue how this happened, because furry wildlife a.) are generally scared of moms with intimidating piles of clean laundry and,  b.) don’t frequent the city much and we live in the middle of it all, next to an elementary school.… Read the rest

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Simplicity Is A Choice


Guest post by Joy Vanderley ~ homesteader, homeschool mama, and hot tea connoisseur



I think my ideas of the ‘Simple Life’ go back to my childhood delight in the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I love those books! … Read the rest

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Money Matters: Decision Management


Gretchen wrote a great article last week on some of our family’s endeavors to simplify our lives more. While this certainly isn’t the first time that we’ve gotten simpler living in our blood, my hope is that our renewed motivation will lead to some concrete steps that eliminate some sources of stress in our lives.… Read the rest

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