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Butter Crisp Peasant Bread

Butter Crisp Peasant Bread :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

This recipe has been a go-to at our house lately and it is absolutely ADDICTIVE.  It goes with everything and we’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks in between.  It’s the perfect mix of salty and sweet and the bottom crust crisps as it bakes, so it’s not tough, but actually tastes like crispy butter.  … Read the rest

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Simplicity Can Be Very Time Consuming

Simplicity Can Be Very Time Consuming


Today, I went outside in the frigid spring air to hang some clothes on our line, and I almost stepped on a rabbit.  I really have no clue how this happened, because furry wildlife a.) are generally scared of moms with intimidating piles of clean laundry and,  b.) don’t frequent the city much and we live in the middle of it all, next to an elementary school.… Read the rest

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I Wash My Face With Oil

I wash my face with oil.

Yep, I do.

And I brush my teeth with dirt.

(Just wait til I tell you about my shampoo…)

The Oil Cleansing Method :: Cheeky Bums Blog

Yes, it’s completely true.  I use oil to wash my face and it’s actually not a new phenomenon!  … Read the rest

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