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Menu Plan and Resources + Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup Recipe

We’ve chosen to focus a lot on nutrition lately at Vintage Kids.  We aren’t exactly a “Traditional Foods” blog – we’re a resource blog.  To share with you what we, as parents, have discovered about how to raise and care for our families – and feeding them definintely falls into that!… Read the rest

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Food…My Favorite Thing: Small Steps to take in the Kitchen to add Big Benefits to Your Health

The past several weeks I’ve written about our favorite things…and this could be titled the same thing (or MY favorite things) but I decided to put a different spin on it for this week.

Lately on Cheeky Bums blog we’ve been focusing on good food.… Read the rest

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No-Knead Soaked Whole Grain Bread

**Guest post by Gretchen Kingsley

Prior to my daughter being born, I was found in the kitchen a couple of times a week making bread. I LOVE bread. But since, I’ve only sporadically found time to make bread in the bread machine and it just doesn’t compare to oven baked bread.… Read the rest

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