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Living Naturally:: Your Simple + Frugal Cleaning Supply Closet


With the official beginning of Spring already behind us and Summer quickly approaching, I have been (thinking of) doing a deep, thorough cleaning of my home. With “Baby K” due at the end of July I’m waiting for my nesting instincts to set in (oh, I hope they do!Read the rest

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Homemade Electrolyte Drink (Move Over Pedialyte!)

After this past weekend, I have approximately 13 loads of laundry to do.

In all honesty, not ALL of the 13 loads were generated this weekend; I did have a running dirty pile going when the stomach flu hit.all.five.members.of.my.family. on Friday night.… Read the rest

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Vlog: My Natural Cleaning Supplies

Spring is in the air. Well, actually, it feels more like summer these days than spring let alone the middle of March for that matter!  But with the warm weather comes a long list of to-do’s in my mind. Sow seeds in the garden…clear out my flower beds…turn the compost…start deep cleaning those areas (you know which I mean) that go untouched in my home.… Read the rest

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