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If You’re Frustrated: Don’t Throw in the Cloth Diaper Just Yet

Cloth diapering…even though I’m still amidst the overflow of diapers and it really is just beginning with another due in 3 months, I have such sweet memories of cloth diapering.

…A cute array of colorful cloth diapers hanging on the line

…A big padded bum toddling around the house

…The softness of cloth

…Accessorizing my little one with her cloth diapers…who needs pants/shorts in the summer when you can just use cloth diapers as bloomers!?Read the rest

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Live and Learn

When my oldest daughter was just 20 months old, she was allergic to everything under the sun. Unfortunatly, I realized after months and months of severe diaper rashes, that she was allergic to disposable diapers, so we reverted to old-school cloth diapers.… Read the rest

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