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Gretchen’s Favorite Pinterest Picks

We’re waiting…

I’m in no hurry for baby to arrive (and it doesn’t seem like baby is either!) but also can’t wait for the day to meet our little one. Boy? Girl? Any guesses? At 39 weeks we’re still discussing names and don’t seem any closer than we were at 15 weeks.… Read the rest

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Best Bottom Diapers Come to Cheeky Bums Market!

We are cloth diaper snobs.

Unashamedly and unreservedly.

And we’re really picky.

When Chris and Gretchen, and Rusty and I decided to open Cheeky Bums Market, we decided that we would only offer products that we ourselves would use or recommend to our friends!  … Read the rest

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Troubleshooting Cloth Diaper Problems + Recipe for Antibacterial Diaper Spray

Troubleshooting Cloth Diaper Problems (and a recipe for antibacterial cloth diaper spray) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

WARNING: This post contains words like “poop” and “pee”.

You can’t exactly talk about diaper issues without using those words, so you have been forewarned that this post pushes the G-rating to PG.

Now, over the last 5 years of cloth diapering, I have experimented with quite a few brands, detergents and methods.  … Read the rest

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