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Bee’s Wax Dipped Leaves :: A Simple + Colorful Way To Preserve Fall

Bee's Wax Dipped Leaves :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog


It seems like summer left without much fanfare here in northern Indiana, and we’re solidly into fall now, with peak colors this week!

The huge maple tree in our front yard does not disappoint and we’ve finally figured out a way to preserve the leaves and all of their vibrant glory!… Read the rest

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Cold-Kicker Spicy Chicken Soup

A guest post by Lucy Kesler, Inn Keeper at The Olde Buffalo Inn B+B, originally published in October of 2012

Cold Kicker Spicy Chicken Soup :: Vintage Kids | Modern World


“Let food be thy medicine,

and medicine be thy food”

– Hippocrates

There was a frost warning out earlier this week for northern Indiana and I’m wearing jeans and socks.… Read the rest

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My Yarn Obsession: The Benefits of Teaching Your Children to Knit + Crochet

My Yarn Obsession: The Benefits of Teaching Your Children to Knit or Crochet - Vintage Kids | Modern WorldMonday was rough.

If this is any indication, I had to mop the floor 3 times, and sanitize 2 dining room chairs (potty training incident).

We (plural) may have cried during the homeschool math lesson on multiplying by 3’s. (Lord help me when we get to long division…)

I was cranky.… Read the rest

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