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Building Simple Memories With Your Kids

Building Simple Memories With Your Kids :: Vintage Kids| Modern World

When I was little, we lived just a few blocks from my dad’s parents and his childhood home, in little ole Van Wert, Ohio.

My grandma would watch me on a regular basis, which meant cartoons, books, toys and of course, sweets (and everything good that grandmas sneak to their grand-kids while mom and dad are out of sight).… Read the rest

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Changing the Food Culture: Retraining Our Children’s Taste Buds

Changing The Food Culture : Re-Training Your Children's Taste Buds :: Vintage Kids | Modern World


Dinner tonight was a little less than stellar.  It was a long weekend, the house was still a disaster, and as dinner time approached, everything in me envied the house next door that just had pizza delivered to their doorstep.… Read the rest

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Why Unfairness Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To My Kids

For the next week or so, my time is being sucked up in some last minute design and writing projects for my NEW BLOG!!!! (If you didn’t yet, check out my HUGE announcement last week for all of the details)  I hadn’t really planned on posting this week, but then I stumbled across this to-die-for comfort food recipe, which I really wanted to share, so it was published on Monday.  Read the rest

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