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Flourless Energy Cookies For Lactating Mamas (and their kids and hubbies that steal them)

Flourless Energy Cookies for Lactating Cookies (and their non-lactating families) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

Logan is now 4.5 weeks old and something unthinkable has happened….

Coffee is now just a flavor to me.

Like iocane powder, it is possible to become immune to it’s effects, so now I need to take my own advice and use food as my medicine!… Read the rest

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The 9 Pound Reason I’ve Been Absent…

Last night, in the true fashion of all sleep-deprived mamas,  I ran to the store in my yoga pants. moccasins and a sweatshirt and, after pulling into the parking lot, I realized that I smelled like sour milk and I had spit up down the front of me.… Read the rest

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Nordic Naturals Prenatal and Baby DHA Review and Giveaway (And Our Huge Announcement)

No, I’m not closing down the blog.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been here in…oh…say…over a month!  Life got the best of me this spring – getting in the garden (which still isn’t done!), finishing up our homeschool year, trips to the park (now that the Polar Vortex is behind us), and all of this seasoned with the worst morning sickness ever put me in bed most nights by 9 or 10 – and for me – that’s early!… Read the rest

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