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How To Use Cloth Diapers At The Beach (and save money on swim diapers!)


How To Use Cloth Diapers At The Beach (and save money on swim diapers!) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

I’m going to be compeltely honest here.
My floors are covered in dirt right now. ¬†And grass clippings, stray flip-fops, the occasional beach towel and a random swimsuit here or there that never made it to their designated drying hooks.… Read the rest

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DIY: Felted Wool Dryer Balls

DIY Felted Wool Dryer balls :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

Want to save money doing laundry??

Wool Dryer Balls.

My husband is in our kitchen doing dishes right now, grinning.

Alright folks, lets get this out of our system and get a hardy 7th grade chuckle and move on: This post is about fuzzy balls.… Read the rest

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Money Matters: Buying a Vehicle

**Post by guest blogger Chris Kingsley**

The Kingsleys became an official family last Thursday evening, a full five and a half weeks after the arrival of baby #2. Yep, we’ve joined the proud ranks for American minivan owning families.

Obviously, this is significant for a number of reasons.… Read the rest

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