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Travelling For The Holidays? Herbal Remedies To Take On The Road!



I dug this post our of last years’ archives!! Things have been busy around these here parts, and the holidays are quickly approaching!  These are great tips for easy items to take on the road, but you can also take them BEFORE you pack up the littles to head to Grandma’s house!… Read the rest

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Preparing An All Natural Summer-Time First Aid Kit

Preparing An All Natural Summer time First Aid Kit :: Vintage Kids | Modern World
Well, so far this summer, we have only gone through about half of my box of band-aids, which come in packs of 60.  It’s the middle of June.  We’re actually beating last years’ average and thankfully we’ve only had 5 skinned knees, 2 smashed fingers, 0 bee stings (phew!), no sun burns and only a few minor lacerations, bruises and tumbles which are due mostly to growing pains and dyspraxia (that’s the nice way to say “clumsiness”) so far this summer.… Read the rest

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Eliminate Toxins With Natural Skincare (while supporting a great cause!)



For YEARS I spent the winters suffering with dry and cracked hands, to the point where they would bleed (I know. great visual for a Monday morning, but lets start this week off with a bit of honest reality!).  I’d slather them with lotions and creams, which stung like the dickens, and they’d soften up and feel a little better – until I washed my hands, did the dishes, or made dinner.  … Read the rest

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