2016-2017 FREE Printable Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Planning Calendar

2016-2017 Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Planning Calendar - FREE PRINTABLE - from Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

The next round of homeschool calendar pages is here!

You can read a little bit more about how I use them and my reasons behind creating them here, in last years’ calendar release.  If you’ve been around for long, you know that I have a slight planner addiction, and they need to be aesthetically pleasing (as well as functional) to make the cut.

However, when it comes to homeschooling calendars and planners, it was even harder to find what I wanted that actually fit our Charlotte Mason homeschooling style.  Most homeschool planners take a lot of arm twisting and white-out to plan for term-based poet studies, narration, dictation and the like.  It’s possible, but I wanted something that was specifically designed for a Charlotte Mason homeschool day.

This calendar is the perfect compliment to my new Charlotte Mason Multi-Year Naturalist Planner and  you can grab one here!

My 2016-2017 Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool calendar pages are perfect for planning out some of those hallmarks of a Charlotte Mason education…poet study, artist study, handicrafts and habit training.   Each page features a nature themed watercolor image that is the perfect compliment to your nature journals and study of the living world.

Stick it in your planner or hang them in your home as a pretty reminder, building that atmosphere of learning and appreciation.

2016-2017 Charlotte Mason Homeschool planner Calendar Pages FREE Printable at Vintage Kids Modern World

And a quick tip – when you print out your calendar, I definitely recommend springing for a high quality paper, like this.  It’s the happy medium between regular old printer paper and the 110 lb. card stock that I use.  I wasn’t sure it was worth the extra cost, but I always felt like home-printed sheets never measured up to store-bought and they always felt “cheap” and, well, homemade.  The paper quality was the reason why, and paying a few extra dollars for a nicer paper makes all the difference in my book, especially knowing that I will get a school-years worth of use out of them in my planner!  It’s not as see-through, there’s very little pen bleed, and it just feels nicer. And now I sound like a paper-nerd.

So enjoy – print away to your heart’s content, a month at a time or all together, and share it with your other homeschooling mamas, but be a dear and don’t sell it, ‘k?  And make sure that you have color ink or have it printed at a Kinkos near you- it makes the pictures oh so pretty.  Paper nerd.  I know.

Enjoy your upcoming school year with these simple naturalist calendar planning pages!

June 2016 | July 2016 | August 2016

September 2016 | October 2016 | November 2016

December 2016 | January 2017 | February 2017

March 2017 | April 2017 | May 2017

Make sure to check out my corresponding Charlotte Mason Inspired Naturalist Homeschool Planner here!


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  1. Amy

    I love these! Just a heads up, though. August has 31 days, but your calendar page for August only has 30. I got really confused when jotting down my nephew’s birthday on the 31st 😉

  2. It’s beautiful, Kelsi! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Allergy Free Thursdays! Did you pain the flowers yourself?

  3. Kendra Tucker

    Ahhh, I have found a kindred spirit..! ☺️ I too have a planner thing.. always have! I am a naturalist at heart, an artist, with 4 young kids, a love for Charlotte mason and it seems like no time.. so thanks a million for creating these for others like me to ultilize, be inspired, and enjoy the simplicity, beauty, and clarity. Sooo appreciated. It’s all supposed to be simple, but at times homeschool seems so complex to pull together; I love how you really visually and organizationally expressed that perfectly. Captures the spirit of the work, and helps us moms keep our vision simple & straight/clear. 🙂 keep up the brilliant work.

  4. Abigail

    These are really beautiful, I look forward to your next release!


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