The 9 Pound Reason I’ve Been Absent…

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Last night, in the true fashion of all sleep-deprived mamas,  I ran to the store in my yoga pants. moccasins and a sweatshirt and, after pulling into the parking lot, I realized that I smelled like sour milk and I had spit up down the front of me.  But what a great feeling!

The time has FLOWN by,  as it always does with every babe, and introductions are long over due!  Here is the handsome reason I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks!



 Logan Elijah



THANK YOU for all of your kind words on facebook and instagram (and join me on there if you haven’t already – I promise to flood your feed with baby-lovin’).  Now that we’re establishing some sense of our new “normal” (aka: coffee-based existence) you’ll find me on here a little more often than I have been – which isn’t saying much, I know – but I have some great recipes and give-aways planned that are too great not to share!

til next time!

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8 Responses to “The 9 Pound Reason I’ve Been Absent…”
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  1. Colleen

    That’s the best reason EVER to go MIA!! 🙂

    Congratulations on your newest beautiful blessing – those cheeks are adorable!

  2. Coriander

    Congratulations! How wonderful! He’s so darling!

  3. What a precious little (big!) guy! Congratulations!

  4. Jenny

    Praise God for little Logan!!! Our littlest one is Elijah so we certainly like that name~ Thanks for sharing the pictures and keeping us updated on the newest family member…I’m sure the other kiddos are elated just like Mom and Dad!
    Blessings~the Norreds

  5. Jenny – great minds think alike! We went round and round on names, but so happy with what we chose! Thanks for your kind note – the kids are over the moon in love and there’s no shortage of helping hands! Blessings!

  6. Thanks! We grow some hearty stock (his big brother was 9#14!)

  7. Thanks – we’re pretty smitten 🙂

  8. thanks!!! those cheeks are quite delish and very kissable!