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Well, this is it.  The post that I’ve been rolling around in my brain for weeks now…

I’m so excited to finally debut our new site and brand!

Welcome to the new blog!

Vintage Kids | Modern World

[what was formerly Cheeky Bums Blog]

That’s so strange to write, and as excited as I am about the new look and design, it’s still hard to leave a season of your life behind.

Without boring you to pieces, let me explain how this all came about – and hopefully it will give you a glimpse at where we’re going and what we’ll be slowly building here over the next weeks and months…

Two and half years ago, Rusty (my handsome red-headed husband) and I struck up a completely random conversation with our friends Chris and Gretchen about this crazy, never-gonna-happen idea that we’d love to open a vintage-inspired kids’ apparel, toy and cloth diaper store.  Seven months later, we pooled every dime and resource we had and opened Cheeky Bums Market – our online retail store (featuring cloth diapers…hence the name!).

We decided to start a blog on the side – as a way to get the word out to people about our market, and as a platform for offering coupons, sales incentives and all that stuff you do to make money.

I love writing, so I decided to spear head this little side hobby, and Chris, Gretchen, Rusty and I took turns, posting daily and then weekly for awhile, about everything we could think of…cloth diapering…home remedies…parenting…money management…and everything in between.

And low and behold, completely unintentionally, we started networking with some other great bloggers (and friends) and this little corner of the web totally.  took. off.

Definitely not what we had planned.

We were spending more time designing, editing and posting here on the blog than we were concentrating on our retail store.

And so, now here we were…running a blog, with a retail store on the side.  The exact opposite of what we had anticipated.

Which brings us to now.

…during this time, Chris and Gretchen had another baby, we added another child to our homeschooling routine, and Rusty and I started the process of adopting a little boy.  Life was at a whirlwind pace, and this past fall, the blog kept quiet as our 3-dimensional life picked up speed.

We knew it was time to reevaluate and make some changes…

It was bittersweet, but we knew Cheeky Bums couldn’t keep going in it’s current model, and this new blog is the outcome…

We’ve closed Cheeky Bums Market, and Chris and Gretchen have stepped down to chase their little ones and enjoy this season of life.

The blog was – thanks to you awesome readers and only by the grace of God – still receiving amazing traffic, even when we went weeks without posting – and so here we are!  A new design, and now, what was our original tagline, has become our mission and title: Raising Vintage Kids In A Modern World

Thank you for coming along on this ride with us…we never anticipated this, but at every turn, God kept directing us back to expanding the blog…and that’s what we’re doing!

Our new look and title are just the beginning, and stay tuned over the next weeks for even more announcements and debuts!

In the mean time, words can’t express my gratitude to those of you that faithfully read our posts.

To those that send encouraging emails at just.the.right.time.

And to those of you that have shared our posts on facebook and your own blogs.  It’s humbling.

Oh – and don’t forget to find us elsewhere on social media – we’ve updated our facebook pages ad I’m also on pinterest, instagram, and every once in awhile I tweet too 🙂

I’m sure that there are still some things that we need to fine tune…random links that might not work,  updates to our social media platforms, or buttons in the wrong place. So please pardon the mess while we work, but never fear – you can still find all of our original content and recipes, so grab some coffee and stay awhile!

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  1. So excited for you! I love the new look. I’ve been following for a while because I share the same views on raising our kids and I’m also a Hoosier, so it’s fun to follow a “neighbor”. 🙂