Our Top Posts in 2013

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Bloggers across the world wide web are posting their “top 13 posts from 2013”.   I suppose I should follow suit, eh?

Except, I think I’m going to break the mold and stick with the top 10 posts…because really, the top 13 is fine, then we’d progress to 14 in 2014, and so on.  However, come 2067, it could get cumbersome.  Agreed?  So, for the sake of ease and continuity, for all posterity, we’re sticking with Letterman’s classic top 10.

So, thanks to you my dear friends and readers (and mom and grandmas who stop by on occasion!)

vintage travel mug + felted wool cup cozy || etsy.com/shop/matthew18five

Grab a warm cup of tea and browse through your favorite posts last year:

  1. Move Over Pedialyte:  Homemade Electrolyte Drink
  2. DIY:: Turn Solid Castile Bar Soap Into Liquid Castile Soap
  3. How Does The Common Core Affect Homeschoolers: Answer To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
  4. When Natural Remedies Are Too Confusing + Recipe for DIY Baby Chestrub
  5. If You Never Read Any Of Our Other Articles, You Must Read This :: What Is Happening To Your Child’s Education
  6. Homemade Laundry Soap
  7. Homemade Yogurt In The Crockpot
  8. Soaked Buttermilk Muffins :: The Recipe You’ve Been Waiting For Your Entire Life
  9. DIY:: Clay Toothpaste
  10. DIY :: Felted Wool Dryer Balls

And there you have it folks!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for continually coming back to our blog and encouraging us on the way!  There are SO many exciting things that I have planned for this coming year, many of which I’ll be announcing very soon, so continue to check back!!  In the mean time, don’t forget to check us out elsewhere on the web!

Blessings – and hang on tight for the ride in 2014!!


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  1. Don Campbell

    I would like to quote from and link to your articles on common core in an email to Christian Schools and home school covers in Alabama. We are trying to raise awareness of this issue.
    Thank you, Don

    • Kelsi

      Don, I’d LOVE to be included in your email! I just ask that there be a direct link back to the specific article quoted. So glad that you’re working to get the word out Blessings! – kelsi


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