2 Menu Planning Approaches to Save Money On Nourishing Foods

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Now, on to the saving money part…

2 Menu Planning Aprroaches to Save Money on Nourishing Foods :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

Over the last 2 years of blogging, my approach to grocery shopping has admittedly changed.  We have been eating Traditional Foods ( foods that your grandparents would recognize and that come from the earth, not a lab) for the past 6 years, give or take, but we have gone through some health issues with our kiddos and we entered into the progression of gluten free and now we are (mostly) grain free.

Eating a specialized diet can, MOST DEFINITELY, cause the grocery budget to sky rocket!  But be encouraged – there’s a way to limit the pain to the wallet!

A few years ago, I wrote this post (A Beginner’s Guide To Menu Planning), explaining how to get started with menu planning – from the bare bones “grab-a-pen-and-paper” level.  This is a great place to start, especially if you aren’t used to menu planning, if you’re getting started on a budget, or if you just need a swift kick in the motivation department to get back on track.  So regardless, start with this post – it has some great tips and resources – and consider it Shopping On A Budget 101.

Now, we’re on to Shopping On A Budget 202 – or “Changing My Grocery Philosophy: Shop To Stock“.  After getting used to menu planning, I realized that I was buying the same items over and over again.  Every week I was writing : “eggs, butter, milk…” etc. and

I realized that I had fallen into a buying pattern – and I realized how I could use it to my advantage.

I’ve started stocking my pantry with staples and then shopping from my pantry.  Weird, I know – but check it out!  it takes some trial and error, but I’m now able to keep more in my pantry, and I haven’t changed my weekly/monthly budget.

What changes are you making to your budget?  What method works best for your grocery shopping and meal planning? 

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