2013 Gift Ideas :: Handmade Items from Silver Spoon Baby Co.

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I am so thrilled to introduce you to our next Gift Guide Sponsor….Silver Spoon Baby Co.

silver spoon

For those of you that have been hanging around awhile, you know that I have A.D.D. and trendy textiles and crafts send me into a pinterest-tizzy.  Silver Spoon Baby Co. on etsy may very well send me into an adorable-pattern-overload coma.  I seriously don’t even know how to decide!!! We have (for now) grown out of the burp cloth and bibs stage, but there are still PLENTY of other adorable items to choose from!

Denise, the owner of Silver Spoon Baby Co., had an incredible eye for colors and patterns and I adore her combinations!

But wait, it gets better.

She has 2 etsy stores.  Silver Spoon Baby Co. as well as HI HO Silver Spoon Baby.

My fabric choices have just grown exponentially and I think I need someone to bring me a coffee and hold my hand.  Hi Ho Siver Spoon features her vintage-inspired Western Baby accessories.  It seriously doesn’t get any better!!

You MUST check out both of her boutiques!

Here are some of my favorites, at all different price points for gifts, stocking stuffers…or maybe something for your own little one!

Herringbone Burp Cloth – $7.25

Cow Boy Wash Cloths – $9.95 

Dewberry Heirloom Yellow Bib and Burp Cloth Set – $16

Retro Cowgirl Bib and Burp Cloth – $16.75

Amy Butler Tangerine Polka Dot Blanket – $18.95

Vintage Cowboy Baby Blanket – $34.95


now, go ye therefore and shop!!!

(and find Silver Spoon Baby and many others at our 2013 All-Natural Gift Guide!)

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