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I am so excited and honored to introduce you to Alicia Caine…I adore her blog and was thrilled when she agreed to guest post for us!!  Her encouraging, no-nonsense style of writing is so refreshing yet challenging and I think you’ll see what I mean in her post below.  You’ll grimace yet agree as she addresses those areas that we, as moms, let slide in the midst of motherhood…enjoy

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I’m a mom to six ranging in age from 10 to 6 months. People often
tell me, “I could never have that many kids”. What they really mean
to say is “I don’t want that many kids,” which is totally fine! I get
that! I often say “I don’t want that many kids” but then, I get baby
fever and something in me takes over. I CAN have that many as long as
my ovaries and uterus are intact, right?

I also homeschool and I hear “I could never homeschool” diatribes all
the time. Again, it is more of a matter between wanting and not
wanting. If you were 3,000% dying to homeschool your kids, you would
find a way, because you’re incredibly smart and crafty like that.

I’m also the full-time breadwinner for our home. People always tell
me, “I could never have a business to bring in money to support my
family.” Again, I have never met someone who thought it would be
absolutely impossible to take their talents and gifts and make a
living with it. Difficult and with many struggles, absolutely. But
impossible? Not at all.

When we refuse to say exactly what we mean, we start buying
into our own lies that we tell ourselves. They seem like such little
lies, harmless….but they grow and we begin to not be able to see
what is truth.

Our attitude in any given situation
is our biggest hurdle to getting the things
we want and need in life.

I’m not writing this to get you defensive and fighting about why you
aren’t doing something you know would be beneficial in your life.

I’m challenging you to break down that attitude you have
with yourself. No one needs to know the battle you are currently
having (unless of course you want to share it for encouragement) –
we just want to get clear on why, EXACTLY, you aren’t doing
something you would like to be doing.

Take me, for example. I used to skip showering every day. A few
times a week was fine because I “didn’t have time” to take a shower.

“I can’t take a shower every day because I have no running water” is a
valid reason for not taking a shower. In reality, I had water. I
didn’t want to shower because I preferred to sleep in late, to spend
time on Facebook, and to de-prioritize taking care of myself because I
didn’t see the point.

After taking a hard look at my attitude toward something so basic, I
started showering daily. I also started running.

“I don’t run because I have no legs” is not the same as “I don’t run
because I hate feeling pain.” “I don’t like being sweaty” “I don’t
want to take the time to do it.” “I have a million things I’d rather
be doing.”

What are those things that are
screaming at you for attention –
those things that you know you need
to be doing in your home, in your heart?

Are you being honest with yourself about why you aren’t doing them? Are you
making excuses or justifying something by creating untruths about the

Of course I can take a shower every day. It just requires me getting
up 20 minutes before the kids get up, which requires me getting to bed
at a decent time and setting an alarm clock.

Of course I can feed my family healthier. It just requires me
researching recipes within my budget and being intentional about
choosing healthier options that are often less convenient from a
pre-packaged, ready-made point of view.

Of course I can exercise every day. It just requires committing to
putting loving energy toward my body. I can include my kids by
letting them exercise alongside me with a video in the living room.

What are you currently resisting?
What excuses are you making to justify
the real reason which you are afraid
or ashamed to speak aloud?

You can overcome those roadblocks, but you’ve got to see them for what
they are first.

The hurdles and the roadblocks lose their power when you’re able to be
completely honest with yourself. Each one can be scaled and torn


Alicia is a homeschooling mother to six living in the sticks of Pennsylvania. She is also a business consultant, author, avid runner training for her first half marathon and new blogger at aliciacaine.com


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