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July 18, 2012 Uncategorized
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Our two week blog vacation is off to a good start and it’s been relaxing…at least on the blog side of things.

My bags are almost packed and I’m realizing yet another reason why a home birth would be great. No packing. I REALLY hate packing.

More meals have been made and stacked away in the freezer. The junk room is now almost completely painted. With having a major medical problem arise within the family, we aren’t as far along as we would have liked. Ideally, I would have had Isa moved to her new room already. But we’re rolling with the punches and know each step will happen in its own time.

Chris and I are still working on names. We’re really cutting it close with this one. Just yesterday, we may have finally decided on a girl’s name. Now we just need a middle name and a boy’s first and middle name. We’re 1/4th of the way done! So, it’s a good thing, a really good thing for many reasons, that this baby did not decide to arrive early. Recently a friend, who was due the day before I, had her baby and I immediately started wanting this baby to come NOW. But, I really am content with it waiting. I need these last couple of days/weeks to prepare.

Enough about baby…

On Monday, I shared some of my favorite Pinterest picks. Today, I’m listing my all-time favorite blogs. This was really hard to choose as I’m a blog lover and could seriously spend days just reading blogs.

Here’s my {condensed} list~

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She is REAL. This is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her blog. She has 5 kids with the 6th on the way and her oldest is graduating from high school. She’s been through it all. Miscarriage, birthing, potty training, disciplining, middle school drama, high school drama. As a new mom, I have gained so much insight from her. Specifically, in giving yourself grace, learning to let go, and enjoying your children in each stage of life. I hope I can be as real with all of you as she is with her readers.

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Great play and exploration ideas for young children. No special toys needed for kids when you engage them in exploring the world around them.

Teriyaki Meatball Bowls

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This was one of the hardest for me to choose. There are so many food blogs out there that I LOVE. But I had to pick this one because I’ve recently been stocking up my freezer with many of her recipes: Taco Chicken Bowls, Teriyaki Meatballs, and Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas to name a few. They were all fantastic and easy to make.

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Though her blog is so much more than gardening, I love her gardening posts. And I love watching her little homestead grow. Plus, this squash bug post has saved my squash plants. I’m indebted for a long time.

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My father was a contractor. I grew up thinking everyone drove around looking at houses on their vacations. I inherited house love from him. I find myself dreaming and drooling over houses on my walks. This blog satisfies part of this craving. They have such an elegant but lived-in and beautiful but simple home that I desire for my own home. In addition, who can pass up twin cuteness?

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I think I pin almost all of her blogs. She shares so many great homemade remedies which is helpful as I’m slowly learning in this area.

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For the novice photographer that I am, this is a WONDERFUL blog. She shares wonderful tips and how-to’s for us photographer “wannabe’s but never will be’s”.

***Next time I’m back, I’ll probably have a wee little one to share with you all!


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  1. Gretchen…just watched a video yesterday entitled “The Business of Being Born”. I HIGHLY recommend you watch this. Praying for you and the birth of your new little blessing!

  2. I’ve actually seen it. It’s such a good video! You may be mentioning this based on my comment to home birthing and I’m a big proponent of home birthing. Unfortunately, our decision to birth at the hospital is actually due to financial reasons otherwise, I would be a home-birther. We are EXTREMELY lucky to have a WONDERFUL hospital in our town that has the lowest c-section rates in our state and has received the recognition of being a “baby friendly” hospital. They have to follow certain criteria to match this. Baby never leaves mom, no pacifiers, breastfeeding HIGHLY encouraged, low intervention during labor, etc. So, I feel blessed to have this option as well as an amazing doctor who is willing to work outside the norm. Thanks for sharing this video as other readers may not be aware of it.

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