{simplify} : It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

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“Sometimes life has to get more complicated before it can get simpler.” ~Elaine St. James

Oh, how true this is.

Just as we are beginning to simplify, we seem to be taking steps backwards.

Controlled piles of junk are now chaos. There are boxes and bags and stuff littering every crevice of a room…or your whole house.


This is a very REAL thing and a frustrating one at that. But don’t get discouraged just yet. Let the chaos rear it’s ugly head for just a bit before you say “GOOD BYE” for good.

As I started decluttering our junk room, I would often times walk away feeling dazed, frustrated, and beat by the disaster. My piles were no longer piles and there seemed to be more stuff in the room than when I began. I knew that it had to become like this but it’s discouraging. It feels like absolutely NO progress is being made.

Before my discouragement got the best of me, I decided some immediate action needed to be taken and I took several boxes and bags out of the room and to their appropriate destinies (Goodwill, trash, friends) to give me back a bit of accomplishment.

I just recently read a very similar quote on Pinterest: “It gets worse BEFORE it gets better.” ~Someone smart

I think we would all benefit from having this quote posted around our homes and offices. It’s the truth but it’s hard truth. We don’t like things to be difficult. We want things to come easily. And in the case of simplifying, if we have areas of clutter or whole junk rooms…or houses, then it is obviously not something that comes easily to us. We have to work at it and we have to want it.

So as you begin simplifying (your schedule, your daily routines, your meal planning, your possessions) allow it to become more complicated.

Don’t give in when things get messier.

Allow the complication to play itself out.

Give it, it’s last hurrah.

And KNOW that if you continue the process that you will succeed. Things will get better. Your ideals of your daily life or home can become realities.

I’m heading back to the room knowing that things may continue to seem worse for a while longer. But we have a goal in mind and know it has to be done with baby #2 on the way. The outcome will be successful.


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4 Responses to “{simplify} : It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better”
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  1. yup! Sometimes I don’t know where to begin and it seems so overwhelming. I have learned to let go of stuff and let it go for good. I have a habit of “something in something out”. If I bring in new stuff, something has to go out. Otherwise the clutter starts building again.

    Both my husband and I come from families of packrats. Both sets of parents keep stuff forever and have a hard time letting go. I am working on streamlining all my stuff, so that it does not manage me. As I have simplified I am better able to focus on the important things in my life. I don’t spend near as much time managing my stuff. because I have less stuff to manage.

    As I am blogging about the simple life I am finding out that what is simple to one person is overwhelming for another. I went to a class and the teacher states that she painted her house one wall at a time while the baby napped. She had discovered she could paint a wall in 20 minutes. It worked for her, but for me. It is all or nothing. If I am going to paint the house, I will send the kids on a playdate with Grandma and Grandpa and get the job done. But for her working that hard all at once may be overwhelming. I have found that a simple life comes from within. listen to your heart and it will guide you to the right answers.

    come vist me at http://www.lifelesshurried.com and see what we are up to as we strive to live a simple life in the slow lane.

  2. melanie,
    thanks for writing and i can’t wait to check out your site more!
    i agree that what works for one person may not for the next person. i have a “home notebook” but really only use it to streamline my papers. i use it only on occasion whereas i know many people who can’t live without it on a daily basis and that’s what helps them to simplify and to keep things running smoothly.

  3. Yes! My house and my life are looking a lot “worse” than before I started this crazy process, bu tI remind myself that it’s going to be SOOOO much better soon. I have a few more weeks of work, and then I will be able to actually devote the time and energy that I want to be devoting to the purging, organizing, and overhauling of my home. I’m SO CLOSE! SAHM, here I come!

  4. congratulations! you will LOVE being a SAHM. tackling those areas of clutter will feel great BUT…remember not to get discouraged when you have those days where you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DONE. it’s part of being a SAHM. 🙂