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With the official beginning of Spring already behind us and Summer quickly approaching, I have been (thinking of) doing a deep, thorough cleaning of my home. With “Baby K” due at the end of July I’m waiting for my nesting instincts to set in (oh, I hope they do!). My love for cleaning is not as much fun these days with a 14 month old that I must keep all ears and eyes on. So daily surface level cleaning happens but the nitty-gritty, “don’t look in that corner” cleaning just doesn’t.

Several weeks ago, I posted a video of the limited number of cleaning supplies that I use. Almost all of these items can already be found in your home and are thus huge money-savers when it comes to cleaning supplies. Whip up a simple batch of each of these recipes and you’re ready to go!

I’m a firm believer that these three simple ingredients are all you really need around your home to get most everything clean:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Hot water

And these are mainly what I use. I won’t bore you with the long lists of things that these ingredients can do, but if you haven’t already discovered their amazingness, here they are:

All of the few cleaning concoctions that I keep handy and consistently use around our house contain at least one of these ingredients. You can make them fancier (aka smell better) by adding a few drops of essential oils or scented castile soap but they really aren’t necessary. Below you’ll find the concoctions that I always have on hand:

  • All Purpose Cleaner

    2 tsp Borax

    4 Tbs vinegar

    3 c. hot water

    Shake before spraying. Note: It does contain a small amount of borax which makes it slightly toxic.

    *I use this exclusively in my kitchen but you could also use it in the bathroom.

  • Window/Mirror Cleaner

    3 Tbs vinegar

    ½ tsp dish soap

    2 c hot water

    Spray on and wipe off with a lint-free cloth.

  • Disinfectant Spray

    1 part vinegar

    1 part hot water

  • Non-Abrasive Scrub

    Baking soda

    Hot water

    Some people make a paste. That takes too much time for me. I simply shake it out of the box, wet my “scrubby” sponge and scrub away. Add a little more water as needed. Rinse completely. I then follow up with my disinfectant spray.

    *I use this in my sinks and bathtub.

  • Toilet Bowel Cleaner


    Essential oils (grapefruit extract oil or tea tree oil), if desired

    Baking soda (if needed)

    Flush to empty bowel and turn off water flow (Not necessary, but then I have to use less vinegar to disinfect). Pour in some vinegar and a few drops of essential oil and scrub with brush. Let sit and flush at a later time. If you need scrubbing capacity, add a small amount of baking soda.

  • Carpet Stain Remover


    I spray to saturate the stain and immediately rub/blot up. Keep adding vinegar until stain is gone. It works! I also use this on my furniture but not with 100% results.

  • Furniture Polish

    1/3 c vinegar

    1 c olive oil

    Rub on with lint-free cloth. Rub off with a different cloth.

    *I only use this twice a year.

They are literally THAT simple.

And for those occasional cleaning times, I also keep fresh lemons or lemon juice and salt on hand. Again, the uses for these items are endless.

What are your favorite cleaning concoctions?


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  1. Nan

    I thoroughly clean my drain in the kitchen about once a month. When I decide to make some tea I fill the kettle completely full and turn in on. Meanwhile I put 1/2 c. Baking soda down the drain, chase it with 1 c. White vinegar. I go ahead and make my tea, once the fizzing in the drain has stopped I pore the remainder of my hot kettle water down the drain to clean it out. Voila! No yucky sink smells and clean pipes!

    Being that summer is coming soon, I also use olive oil to get tar off my car. I dab a little on in the evening, let it soften overnight, then run it off in the morning.

    Our house is also virtually paper towel free. I have plenty of rags and laying around. I also have a box of those old nasty T’s and holey socks to clean up nasty messes to then throw away.

    Many years back I purchased a book call “Green Housekeeping” by Ellen Sandbeck. It has revolutionized my cleaning making it cheaper, more simplistic, and easier on my asthma.

  2. I tried every chemical available in Wal-Mart to clean my microwave, and never was I satisfied! Now days I fill a coffee mug with water and squeeze out a lemon or two into it, and then cook it for about 5 minutes. Then I just wipe out the microwave, and it’s sparkly clean! Easiest, cheapest, best solution I have ever found for microwave gunk!

  3. If you want a scrub free shower cleaning method, use vegetable oil (or olive oil, or coconut oil) on a damp sponge. rub it around, feel the smoothness! Then spray down with vinegar water, wipe with a dry cloth, and you’ve got a squeaky clean shower! it simply melts the scum away even if you’ve left your showers for MONTHS!!! Give it a try!

  4. Thanks for sharing this at Natural Mother’s Seasonal Celebration Sunday! x