Homemade Stain Remover

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by Gretchen Kingsley, contributing writer

Laundry has become a more frequent “to do” at my house since little Miss Isa was born. Chris and I used to be” those people” who did it every 3 weeks or so…I know, gross, right? It was hardly ever on my mind. Now though, I always seem to have laundry and most of it stained. Naturally, I was on the search for a really great stain treatment and found store-bought products that worked well…but the price was way more than I wanted to spend! I was fortunate to come across a REALLY amazing (and inexpensive) stain treatment, though I can’t remember from where or whom. So, if you are that special person, I apologize but would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This really is an AMAZING concoction!

Homemade Stain Remover:

¼ cup Glycerin (you can find glycerin in most pharmacy departments, but if not, Amazon has it priced very reasonably.)

¼ cup Liquid Dish Soap (I’ve tried several kinds and natural brands work just as well.)

½ cup Water


Shake and spray on stains. Let sit for 5 minutes, launder as usual and wait to be amazed!

(FYI: This stain remover worked on removing 2 year-old spit up stains from hand me down clothes. Now that’s what I call amazing!)



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  1. Heidi Byler

    This recipe looks amazingly easy. Nice! Have you ever sprayed it and let it set, or do you always wash it after just 5 minutes? Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve been meaning to try spraying it on her clothes every night but some how it hasn’t happened yet. But I don’t know any reason why it would be bad for clothes. I will try it out this week and get back to you.

  3. Heidi Byler

    Awesome! I just never remember to spray clothes unless I do it right away. 🙂

  4. Do you know what the purpose of Glycerine is for this recipe?

  5. Yep – glycerin is a binding agent so that the water and soap don’t separate. It’s a very common naturally-sourced ingredient and in and of itself doesn’t affect the cloth.

  6. Brandi

    Would it work for cleaning cloth diaper stains?

  7. Brandi, it wouldn’t hurt to try, just make sure that you rinse the diaper continuously until there isn’t a single bubble left over in the rinse cycle (and this could take quite a few cycles). Honestly, the best recipe for diaper stains is the sun. Just bleach them outside on a nice hot day. I do that periodically, but don’t let the stains bother you too much – it doesn’t affect performance, and inevitably, the minute you get the stain out, your munchkin will “re-stain” it for you 🙂 – stripping your diapers may help as well, but if you do try it, let me know! I know alot of people have tried Bac-out as well (an all natural stain remover) and have had luck, but I have’t tried it. -kelsi

  8. kc

    I cannot wait to try this, I am a proud mother of a 4year old boy and the stains he gets…. nothing has seemed to work.

  9. Bethany B.

    Made this up a few weeks ago after making some of your homemade laundry detergent. I had gotten some fried chicken grease on a blouse and try as she might, my mother-in-law could not get the grease spots out, and she uses regular stain removers and Oxiclean and washed it twice and the whole laundry maven rigamarole.

    Hubby sprayed this mix on the spots, waited a while, washed it again, and bingo-bango, out came the spots! Makes since since Dawn is “tough on grease”.

    It didn’t work as well on the poopy spot on kiddo’s training pants (I so miss breastmilk-only poop!), but it helped lighten it up, so still a win in my book.

  10. Bethany B.

    sense since* … I am having a typo day. On another blog I wrote “by” for “buy” not 10 minutes ago. *sigh*

  11. Does it work on old stuff or just newly stained? MY CARPET for the love of God these children are killing me, I’ve tried everything.

  12. Cheeky Bums

    It works for me on older stains, but I’d leave it set for awhile before you start scrubbing. Let me know how it works!! – kelsi

  13. It really works like a charm! It cleaned some old stains from a t-shirt which was worn by my five year old daughter when she was two and now my younger daughter (she’s now two) is wearing it too. So even the old stains are gone 🙂