Rustic Shakshuka

Rustic Shakshuka :: Vintage Kids | Modern World - a frugal, grain and gluten free tomato and egg main dish

There will be seasons in life where everything just magically falls into place.

You have time to hang the laundry on the line. You brew kombucha and make your own chicken stock and since the children are playing so nicely with their non-toxic, BPA free, fair trade beeswax coated Swedish-inspired wooden toys, you can make some sourdough bread, feed the chickens and arrange some flowers on your farmhouse table.… Read the rest

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You’ve Lost That Lovin’ (Homeschool) Feelin’

You've Lost That Lovin' (Homeschool) Feelin' :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

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You’ve given it the good old college try and it’s just not working.

This post isn’t going to be rocket science folks.  There are days, weeks – months even – where you trudge through your homeschool schedule and it just doesn’t feel right.  Read the rest

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas :: Experiences, Memories and Heirlooms

Thoughtful Gift Ideas: Experiences, Memories and Heirlooms :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

Pinterest has always been my downfall…I’m not gonna lie.  If you don’t have a pinterest account, then good for you!!  However, I personally believe it to be one of the most wonderfully fantastic, helpful, fun and  life-sucking inventions of the last few years!… Read the rest

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How We Do Art On The Go (A Kwik Stix Review + Giveaway!)

How We Do Art On The Go :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

I don’t know about you, but as a homeschooling family, sometimes I feel like we’re not actually home much!

Life doesn’t stop just because the kids are home – there are still errands to run, groceries to buy, doctors to see, and of course the fun things: field trips, library runs, nature walks, and my kids favorite – those days when mommy calls “uncle” and we go outside to sit under our huge maple tree with a blanket because the weather is gorgeous and we need some fresh air while we’re reading.… Read the rest

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Fine Art Print Giveaway!

Fine Art Print Giveaway :: Vintage Kids Modern World Blog

We’ll keep this short and sweet!

We are still raising the never-ending funds for our adoption, and this Christmas, you can join us!

I’ve updated our etsy store with new styles and new prints – just in time to order for the holidays!… Read the rest

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Our 2015-2016 Homeschool Curriculum

Our 2015-2016 Curriculum CHoices (preschool, 2nd + 5th grades) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

I’ve been waiting to put this list together because we’re finally settling in (I know. It’s only November…), pairing down, and making some much needed changes.

Here’s the round-up of books that we’re using this year.  This doesn’t include the many books that we’re using as supplemental reading from our own stash and from the library.… Read the rest

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